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Care for Your Vehicle's Electrical Systems

Vehicles have become more complicated over the years. Now, there are as many electrical components in your car as there are mechanical components. That's why you need a modern service center that offers good old fashion service! Our team has the know-how to care for your car's electrical systems!

electrical system projects

  • Vehicle electrical system services

  • Care for battery and ignition systems

  • Computerized electrical diagnostics and records

  • Service for power items, including windows

  • Repairs for starters

  • Repairs for alternators

  • Regulator servicing

  • Vehicle computer systems

While-U-Wait vehicle diagnostics available

at our shop!

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We can help with other automotive systems, including axle and brake repairs and care for front-end systems.  Call today to Schedule an appointment!

Bonin Tire & Service is your go-to automotive care resource!

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